Boats For Sale!

Wooden Periwinkle Jr. Row Boat

Designed by Nat Benjamin


New 10' Row Boat - $850

Used 10' Row Boat - $450


Epoxy coated marine plywood bottom

Oak frames, keelson, longitudinal stringers, seat supports, stem and skeg

Pine Transom, seats and planking

These boats are built by 5th graders from the Boston Public Schools under the supervision of our expert boat building teachers and finished by experienced volunteers. Each one represents over 150 hours of enhanced experiential education for our students, and each bears the name bestowed on it by the team that built it. Proceeds from boat sales go directly to fund our educational programs.

The Periwinkle Jr. skiff is ideal for rowing with 1-3 passengers and offers classic aesthetics and excellent performance on the water. Our boats are used by boat rental operations in Jamaica Pond and Fort Point Channel, where their durability has been thoroughly tested and proven.

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