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Boston Public School Program

Community Boat Building brings to life critical academic subjects and skills — math, science, social studies, spatial thinking, reading and writing — with experiential learning opportunities for low-income children in Boston Public Schools. 

The core concept of the program revolves around wooden rowboats which we build with teams of 5-6 students each. In addition, we also draw on the outstanding natural features of Boston and its rich history to bring learning to life. Since its founding in 2007, CBB has worked with over 1,500 students in Boston.

All of our programs are integrated tightly with the Boston Public Schools curriculum so that learning and enthusiasm translates back to the classroom and makes a lasting impact on educational outcomes. CBB works with fifth and sixth graders during their regularly scheduled school day over the course of the school year. By offering students opportunities to engage in hands-on learning on Boston’s waterfront, their world becomes bigger and their learning comes alive. Our programs help students boost confidence and develop a range of skills, enhancing and connecting what is learned in the classroom, making learning real and relevant.

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