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JR Junior Model Boat Box

Named for our founder, John Rowse, the JR Junior Boat Box is a model wooden boat kit designed to address critical mathematical concepts—our solution to the challenge of doing hands-on learning in a remote or hybrid learning environment. Students build their own (1”:1’) model of Community Boat Building’s Periwinkle Junior, utilizing the lines drawing, balsa wood, wood glue, and some basic tools provided in the kit. An instruction manual and videos developed by and for teachers are also provided as a resource. Model builders follow a design and building process similar to the one for our traditional 10' rowboats. The building process takes the builder from a set of plans and a few sheets of wood to a finished boat!


Age range: 10+


Time to build: 8 - 12 hours, over at least five days

Price: $50 per Boat Box. Educator bulk pricing is available. Contact Bob for more information <>. Shipping within the continental US is included.

Support: Each Boat Box contains all of the tools and materials needed to build one 10" model boat. Students are supported throughout the process with a detailed instruction manual and instructional videos.


  • Lines Drawings

  • Blue Cardstock Paper x 4

  • Balsa Wood Sheets x 6

  • Balsa Wood Sticks x 6

  • Ruler

  • Wood Glue

  • Scissors

  • Tape

  • Pen

  • Sandpaper

  • Playdoh

  • Small Binder Clips - 1 Box

  • Rubber Bands x 3

  • Push Pins x 10

  • Paint Set

  • Brushes x 2

  • Saw Dust and Mixing Cup

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